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French Cuirassiers Cavalry


First Legion presents you with our superb rendition of the French 5th Cuirassiers Cavalry charging!    The 5th Cuirassiers took part in both Borodino and Waterloo among other battles and campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars.  At Borodino they were famous for breaking into the Great Redoubt in the center of the Russian line!  The release consists of 9 different figures including a Standard Bearer, Officer, Trumpeter, and six troopers, one of which is being thrown from his horse and another of which is dazed on the ground beside his downed horse.   With the dynamic sculpting, horse's standing on only one or two legs, photo etched sword blades, and the extremely high level of painting that you've come to expect from First Legion figures, the French 5th Cuirassiers will make a fantastic addition to any serious Napoleonic toy soldier collection.    We sincerely hope that you enjoy them!