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First Legion is pleased to present you with the Great British Army of the Napoleonic Wars.   As part of our Waterloo series of Napoleon's Europe, we are giving the Great British and Allied Army the full treatment so you too can inflict a bitter defeat upon Napoleon!   Nothing quite captures the feel of the British Napoleonic Army like a square formation bristling with bayonets and comprised of men of grim determination.   Initially with our foot guards and far expanded with our 92nd Gordon Highlanders, you can collect the ultimate Napoleonic British Square, with unsurpassed realism, variety, and the sculpting and painting quality that only First Legion can provide while still at a very reasonable price.  Add to this Foot Artillery, Light Dragoons, 95th Rifles, and several personality figures including the Iron Duke himself, and you can collect a fantastic representation of the Great British Napoleonic Army!  For the Dioramists out there, we have plenty of French Charging cavalry to match!  Please also look in separate nationality sections of our catalog to find the troops of minor nations such as Nassau or Brunswick that made up part of the Anglo Allied Army at Waterloo.