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First Legion is pleased to present you with the Nassau Army of the Napoleonic Wars!   This release continues to expand our exhaustive coverage of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 and adds one of the minor contingents making up the Anglo-Allied Army further showing our commitment to provide you with all of the various troops types of the period, not just those dressed in red or blue!  The Nassau troops were engaged all over the field at Waterloo, from Hougoumont on the right, to La Haye Sainte in the center, to Papellotte on the far left and played a key role at some critical junctions of the battle.   Presented below is the 1st "Duke of Nassau" Line Infantry Regiment charging into battle comprised of 12 beautifully sculpted and painted figures including full command, center companies, and elite companies.   As an interesting note, the Prince of Orange took direct command of this regiment towards the close of the battle and makes the perfect compliment to display with them!  So order yours today and add to your ever growing dioramas of the Battle of Waterloo with this superb rendition of the Nassau Line Infantry.