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Here’s one more of those little “diversions” I hinted at in the beginning of this month’s ‘DISPATCHES’… perhaps one of the more unusual.  Here’s the background…

Both my wife Liza and myself love the country of Denmark, its people and its wonderful capital, Copenhagen. Last summer we spent our annual vacation in Copenhagen and as usual among our favourite places to visit was the Amalienborg Palace, the ceremonial home of the Danish Royal Family.  This classical palace can be found in the heart of Copenhagen complete with its own large square and a monumental equestrian statue of Amalienborg’s founder, King Frederick .

Everyday and night Amalienborg is guarded by Denmark’s own Royal Life Guards.  As some of you may know several years ago K&C produced our own version of these guardsmen in their special ceremonial ‘scarlet’ tunics and bearskin caps (similar to Britain’s own Royal Foot Guard Regiments).

On most occasions however when the Guard parades at Amelienborg they wear a different parade tunic… the Navy Blue double-breasted one… That’s usually what most visitors see when the ‘Changing of the Guard’ ceremony takes place each day the monarch is in residence.

Earlier this year my wife opened her own small events space here in Hong Kong called ‘La Maison Rose’ that promotes and retails a very select range of hand-made products that includes Denmark’s famous ‘Royal Copenhagen’ ceramics.  Liza also wanted some special figures that reflects our affection for and interest in Denmark.

And so, on behalf of Liza’s company, ’La Maison Rose’, K&C has produced some additional Royal Life Guards in their very unique Navy Blue parade uniforms.  Although most of these special figures will be sold through ‘La Maison Rose’ a limited number are available from King & Country for interested collectors and dealers worldwide.