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Our latest range takes us back to the Ancient World of Biblical times with the launch release of a very colourful regiment of heavy Assyrian infantry. The Assyrian Empire has been described as the ‘first military power in history’ and its army took part in some of the first ever recorded battles, as long ago as c.2,450 BC.  The Assyrian army came into its own following extensive reforms, including the creation of a standing army, under Tiglath-Pileser III, king of the Neo-Assyrian Empire from 745 BC until his death in 727 BC. Under Tiglath-Pileser III, Assyria transitioned from a local, regional power into a mighty Empire of the ancient world, with a near doubling of territory acquired and then controlled through sheer, unstoppable military power. The Assyrian army at its zenith was a fearsome war machine of the era, employing innovative weapons of iron, the use of heavy cavalry, mounted archers and, of course, their famed chariots (we can’t wait for those!) which for a time (until the mastery of a cavalry arm) formed the elite core of the army. As the range develops we shall be adding to the Assyrians with many different troop types as well as covering many of the enemies they fought, including, of course our own personal favourite, the ancient Egyptians. We hope you enjoy these new figures and this exciting and not often covered new range.