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First Legion is pleased to present to you our new range of buildings and diorama accessories!  This range of scenic terrain pieces is brought to you to facilitate the creation of dioramas with First Legion figures.   Like our toy soldiers, the buildings and diorama pieces that we create will be mastered and painted to the highest standards for the most discerning collectors.  We will expand these ranges to allow you to bring the battlefields of the periods we cover to life by offering full buildings and facades, scenic accesories, redoubts, and just about anything else that is applicable to a toy soldier range that we're doing.   While the designs are primarily made to support our figures, the buildings and accessories obviously have many additional uses to collectors who collect any brand of figures, not just First Legion.  Just one example of this is that our Borodino village houses are suitable for any period or theater in eastern Europe from the Seven Years war all the way through WWI and WWII.  The first pieces in this new range are now available for pre-order and will ship in early May.  We have MANY more pieces coming, so check back here often or sign up for our Mailing List!