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French 45th Regiment of Line Infantry


First Legion presents you with the French Grande Armee!  Now our third major release of French Line Infantry (fourth if you count the French Legere!) for the first time we have created line infantry specifically for Waterloo and the 100 days campaign.   The French 45th Regiment of the Line is one of the storied regiments of the Grande Armee having been engaged from Valmy in 1792 all the way through Waterloo in 1815 and almost everywhere in between.   At Waterloo it was part of Marcognet's Division of D'Erlon's Corps.   With the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo just months away, we've decided to commemorate the battle with this creative release.   The figures are designed such that they can be displayed in "March Attack" during the battle itself or "marching on campaign" in the days leading up to the battle.   We have even done two variants of the standard bearer to facilitate this, with versions of the standard both furled for campaign marching and unfurled for use attacking the English at Waterloo.  We have done the figures in a mix of the 1813-1815 Bardin coat in full dress and campaign dress.    The large image below shows the type of display you can create and in this image, one of each code is setup in the front rank.   It certainly captures the look of French Line infantry during the 100 days and more specifically at the Battle of Waterloo!