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French Old Guard Grenadiers


First Legion presents you with yet another release of Napoleon's Grande Armee, this time the "grumblers" of the Imperial Guard Grenadiers.   Starting in 1804 with Napoleon’s crowning himself Emperor, the Consular Guard was renamed the Imperial Guard and as such was born the most elite and potent fighting force of the age.  With stringent entry requirements including a minimum of 10 years of service, a citation for bravery, participation in 3 campaigns, and a minimum height requirement of 5’10” tall, these most favored troops of the Emperor were also an elite strike force which Napoleon kept in his reserve to be called upon at the most critical point of a battle to break the enemy line or to stave off defeat.   The Old Guard Grenadiers, whose bearskin hats struck fear and awe in the hearts of their enemies, were living myths whose reputation alone was enough to cause an enemy battle line to falter.   Having campaigned with the Emperor over the 20 year course of his wars, the mutual attachment between Napoleon and his Imperial Guard was clearly evident at their tearful parting when he bid them a farewell of “Adieu my friends, would I could press you all to my heart!” to the rousing response of “Vive L’empereur!!!”