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Great Britain 95th Rifles


First Legion is pleased to present the Great British 95th Rifles!!!  This regiment is one of the most unique and well known regiments of the Great British Army of the Napoleonic Wars.  Wearing their green jackets with black leather trim meant to camouflage them, they were armed with the Baker Rifle, not the typical Brown Bess, which extended their accuracy to nearly 200 yards.  The soldiers in the Rifles were selected from the best of the best and were some of the finest skirmishers of any unit of any nationality during the Napoleonic Wars, possessing a daring, boldness, and individual initiative not commonly found during this period of war.   We have presented them here such that they can serve equally well deployed in skirmish formation or even shoulder to shoulder in a close order line of battle.   With the superb sculpting and hand painting our figures are reknown for, surely this is the most realistic and indepth coverage ever given this truly iconic regiment.  We hope that you enjoy them!