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Great Britain Light Dragoons


First Legion is pleased to present you with the Great British 12th Light Dragoons.   As part of our continuing Waterloo series, the 12th Light Dragoons consists of sets NAP0198-NAP0203.   Nicknamed "The Supple Twelfth" because of their superior training and outstanding performance at Salamanca, they were part of Vandeleur's Light Cavalry Brigade at Waterloo.  The 12th Light Dragoons played a key role in driving off Jacquinot's French Lancers which were decimating the British heavy cavalry brigade after its stunning charge against D'Erlons Corps.  Throughout the day, they played a crucial role including supporting Maitland's Guards and driving off French Cavalry which had penetrated beyond the squares during the massed French Cavalry attacks. With the superb sculpting and painting you've come to expect from First Legion, these figures provide much needed cavalry reinforcements to the Anglo-Allied Army at Waterloo and will make an excellent addition to any serious Napoleonic toy soldier collection!