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Imperial Romans


The backbone of the Roman Empire was certainly her Legions.   For our initial release of Imperial Romans, we present Legio I Minerva or Legio VI Victrix.  They can be used as any Legion, but these two legions are the ones for which we have Vexillifer standard bearers.  Legio I Minervia was raised by the Emperor Domitian in 82 AD for the war against the Germanic Tribes. This Legion participated in a wide variety of conflicts including the Dacian Wars under Trajan/Hadrian, the Parthian Wars under Verus, and the Germanic/Marcomannic Wars under Marcus Aurelius, the final battle of which was featured in the opening of the film "Gladiator." Though we are releasing them as Legio I Minervia, really the figures are suitable as any Roman Legion between the early 1st century AD through the period of the Late Roman Empire.