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Russian Musketeers


First Legion is very pleased to present our rendition of Russian Musketeers of the Seven Years War.    Sets SYW032-SYW045 depict the Apsheronsky Muskeeter regiment in firing line.   With superb sculpting and the extremely high levle painting that is the hallmark of First Legion, these figures make a wonderful addition to our SYW product range.   Of particular note are the two standard bearers.    Russian standards of the period are lovely and we have gone over the top on these both in terms of the sculpting and painting.  Because of the realistic nature of the flag folds, we have fully hand painted these extremely complex standards.  We hope you find the effort well worth it!  The Prussian 7th Line and Cuirassiers will now have to advance with a bit more caution as the Russian Infantry has taken the field at Kunersdorf!   We sincerely hope you enjoy them.