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First Legion presents you with the seldom covered Westphalian Army of the Napoleonic Wars.   Part of the Confederation of the Rhine, the Westphalian Army fought valiantly as part of France's Grande Armee.   Our initial releases are from the Battle of Borodino in 1812 and covers the Elite Westphalian Jaegers Carabiniers and the Westphalian Guard Chasseurs.   Part of the 24th Division of Junot's VIII Corps, the Westphalians took part in the battle that sealed the fate of Moscow where they engaged the Russians in the woods south of the Bagration Fleches and secured the southern flank of Davout's I Corps which launched the main assault.   Armed with their short Carbines, this was a role that the Elite Westphalian Jaeger Carabiniers were perfectly suited for.   The Westphalian Guard Chasseurs, as highly trained elite light infantry, also excelled.  Both regiments were the cream of the Westphalian infantry of the Napoleonic Wars!