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WH044. Arnhem Ambush! by King and Country (RETIRED)

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Product Description

WH044             “Arnhem Ambush”


                                 Arnhem’s German Military Commander, General Friedrich Kussin had the fatal misfortune to run into some of the advancing British paratroopers on the outskirts of the Dutch town.


                                 A fusillade of rifle and machine gunfire raked the General’s car and killed both his driver and himself!




Our CITROEN TRACTION staff car was one of the thousands that the Wehrmacht took over after the Fall of France in 1940.


                                 As the General’s ill-fated driver sits slumped dead behind the wheel the senior officer himself has been dragged lifeless out of the car and left `half in-half out’ of the vehicle.


                                 Looks great with some Paras standing around!


Product Videos

Operation Market Garden Arnhem Ambush (03:38)
Sunday afternoon, 17 September 1944… on the road to Arnhem. Since just after midday men of the British 1st. Airborne Division have been landing by parachute and glider on the outskirts of this Dutch town. Their mission is to capture three bridges across the lower Rhine at Arnhem and hold them for two or three days until relieved by the British XXX Corps advancing up a corridor secured by the American 101st. and 82nd. Airborne Divisions. As news arrived of the British landings Arnhem Garrison Commander General Friedrich Kussin drove to the area to assess for himself the situation. Fatally for him and his companions in his staff car he drove directly into an advancing platoon of British paratroopers led by Lieut. “Jimmy” Cleminson of 3 Para. A concentrated barrage of rifle and machine gun fire soon ended the General’s inspection tour… More about Operation Market Garden: http://www.kingandcountry.com/operation-market-garden-c-79_49.html
  • Operation Mark...
    Sunday afternoon, 17 September 1944… on the road to Arnhem. Si...

Other Details

Release Date:
October 2015
Retired Date:
September 2017

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